Monday, March 15, 2010

Boire Un Coup

I am having a little bit of cabin fever and can not believe I am stuck in Toronto of all places. Oy, the things you will do for love.

So to make myself feel better- I drink… not alone. If no one is in the room it might be considered alone... but someone is defiantly in the room, or in the next room, but still in the house. I really hope that counts.

To cope with living in a new place with few friends and the rainy weather, I made myself a demi-peche. I believe that is what it is called.

Once upon a time I lived in France and was introduced to many great new things like smoking and pretending to be philosophical. While I smoked, and sketched in my journal, I was served a cold delicious demi-peche. I would have had coffee but I like to change it up.

Ingrédients pour 1 personne

2 cl de sirop de pêche

25 cl de bière

Réalisez la recette "Demi-peche" directement dans le verr.Verser d'abord :
-environ 2cl de sirop de pêche dans votre chope .
-Remplissez ensuite de 25 cl de biere.
C'est a vous de doser la quantité de sirop comme dans un diabolo pour que ca ne soit pas trop sucré, mais que le goût soit présent.
Vous pouvez mélanger doucement avec une cuillere pour bien mélanger les deux éléments.

Should I leave it in French…yes! Bisous!!

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