Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nice one Toronto (1)!

Everyone told me how Toronto is the "big bad city"- large, impersonal with no sense of community. Well I will be honest and tell you that there have been several times were everyone walks along with their ipod with not a care in the world. People pay lees attention to one another and in a crowd of people you feel alone. Technology, such as ipods, blackberries have given people permission to disconnect from reality and to go through a day without having to interact with one another. I will not go into kinship, right of passages or the new species just discovered in africa, this anthropological dissertation will be saved for my Masters degree.

With my ramble coming to an end I will say this- there is always a glimmer of goodness and care in people. Especially in Toronto.
Toronto is friendly, nice even!

Story 1:
Today my fiance got off the subway and when he looked back he saw his cell phone on the seat. As the subway doors slammed shut a man signaled to him that he will have his phone waiting at the next stop.
My love got his phone back with no problems. You can imagine what life would have been if you lost your phone.
He didn't! Because Toronto is nice, thoughtful and not as cold as everyone told me it was.

Happy thought indeed!

This is one of many feel good stories. There is a lot of them. Not such a big bad city after all.

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