Sunday, April 18, 2010

Toronto Street Meat

Where I am from originally the climate is too cold to have street meat. I mean sure in the middle of July there is a hot dog stand in from of Mountain Equipment Co-Op but other than that the real street meat venders of shawarmas,hot dogs and chineses trucks are mystical and usually only in far away lands. While in Europe I would often get a street dog or a shawarma from a sketchy,yet somewhat sanitary looking, stand. Let’s just say I like living on the edge. The only time I got deathly ill( I mean I almost died) was in Thailand when I decided to have giant prawns from a beach hut. You would think the prawns would have been fresh-they didn’t have to travel far. I got what I deserved I got too comfortable traveling and tried to eat like a local without the knowledge of a local. Rookie mistake.

Street- University & College

Cusine- Middle Eastern

After a long morning of planning for another big event at the University I decided to grab a quick lunch. Street vendors are one of my favorite quick lunch. Tasty, fast, and usually cheap.

I decided to go for the chicken shawarma. I highly recommend this! It is delicious and filled with a marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, hummus and a little bit of hot sauce. The pita is grillled so when you get the wrap in your hands it is warm and ready to eat.

Try it! Do it! 5...4...3...2... Do it!

For 5 dollars you get a delicious lunch and a beverage!!

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