Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The one and only...

Apache Burger-

5236 Dundas West
Toronto, Ontario M9B 1A7
(416) 233-3046

So after a weekend of being at my future in-laws place attending a party for me and my fiance we ended the weekend at Apache burger. If you knew me you would know that how I got threw that party with my wit, charm and a couple shots with the future uncles. Needless to say I had a great time.

Although the next morning all I needed was water, tylenol, and a great big Burger!

This burger joint is not in my neighborhood and unfortunately (or fortunately for my cholesterol) it is all the way at Kipling station. Worth going if you are staying at your in-laws, driving by or taking a road trip on the TTC for a delicious burger and onion rings. so so so so... oh so good. fresh, juicy, big. - that's what she said?????
What I ate:
Cheese burger with everything on it-hold the relish...relish is chopped up pickles... I don't get it.
Fries and Onion ring combo
Giant diet Pepsi-
cost for 2: $15.06 -worth every penny.

The place feels like a 50's diner and the serve the best onion rings in Toronto.

Con: They only take cash.
Pro: There is a cash machine on location, giant portions and fresh fresh fresh.
For all you picky topping people-You get to chose what goes on the burger.

Open to 2 am!!!

And Scene!
(she bows and exits stage left)