Sunday, December 13, 2009

Looking for a Job or just 1950's house wife.

I just thought I would rant about how I moved to Toronto with no job and assumed I would be working within a few weeks. I was horribly wrong and apparently the recession hit Ontario much worse than Alberta.
Here are the websites I visit everyday:

Although this is a great resource, I am competing against millions of other people for the same job. I apply anyways in hopes someone will call and give me a job

Before moving to Toronto I worked at the University of Alberta and am completely qualified to work at an education institution. Yet, no phone call yet.

My government does not even call me back. I must say that is a very well organized page.

Well to pass my time I started to cook. I usually wake up, send off 5 to 6 resumes, look up recipes, and then go to the markets or grocery store. Now I know what a 1950's house wife did all day. Oh my, what have a I got myself into.


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